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December 7, 2018
Clinical staff management
June 28, 2018

Product Innovation

This was a complete rethinking of the way vehicle servicing industry works in Arabian peninsula that we did for Digital Dividend. This was an exercise into 'What if' bit of the design thinking process followed by Wow!. The challenge was not only to bring the service providers and car owners and drivers together online but also building a vibrant business model.

Our Role

We were part of the pitch team and responsible for the experience strategy and customer journey for the mobile platform. We lead the User Experience work, producing all major deliverables and presenting these to the client. We worked alongside Digital Dividend's team of graphics designers and software engineers where we focused on building the ReactNative hybrid app for Android, iOS and Web.



We partnered with two business managers and one project manager from the client side along with two engineers from the development side to iron out the original concept translating it into a story board uncovering customer behaviors, insights and motivations. We helped to evangelize ideas, gain alignment and drive decision making.

Planning & Scope Definition

We defined the product with my project stake holders. We acted as the voice of the customer in our development group to explain to them the customer goals, intent and motivations. We built wire-frames and wrote the core body of business requirements document with snap shots from the wire-framing exercise showcasing the end state through an iterative processes.

Oversight & Coordination

We prioritized and negotiated features for launch in collaboration with client partners. We designed and collaborated with the platform development team. translating features requested by the customers into an engineering context

Design Execution & Validation

We conducted user research, created personas and user journeys.


We worked with senior client executives and stakeholders at ALJ team throughout the project life cycle.


The Challenge

Creating a top line in parallel to the physical way of doing business, especially when physical is monopolized and doing really can be tricky. It is the future that is at stake and not the present. The challenging was to build a incremental approach showcasing rapid successes over relatively short period of time. The pressures from ALJ Oil was to delivers specific products to deliver onto the digital rails being developed. The key was in understanding that each product consisted of individual features.

This required shifting through the features sand and identifying features that would help client roll out the first successful transaction at the earliest, which in turn has allowed allowed us to manage not just our relationship with ALJ but showcase success on continuous basis.