Design Thinking Process

We follow design thinking as a key process into everything that we do. We have realized that the world 2.0 and beyond is not static and is ever evolving hence we have chosen to adopt an approach that helps deal with uncertainty. Unlike the conventional approaches design thinking celebrates uncertainty and the chaos that is necessary for innovation.


What is?

This is a discovery and research phase that allows us to define the key question - What problem are we trying to solve?. We start this by visualizing the problem statement in form of story board showcasing AS-IS state. It goes step by step, showing exactly how the problem unfolds. We do this by applying a mixture of graphics and notes to help better understand problem statement. The next step is to map the customer journey by conducting one-on-one interviews and in depth discussions. Our discussions are not limited to customers only. We focus on business Eco-system partners as well. This allows us to evaluate the value chain and conclude this phase with a mind mapping exercise.

What if?

This is the most critical phase of process. This is where we help our customers to re-frame the problem statement. Here we work with the customer to brainstorm on possible solutions. We strongly believe that our customers understand their businesses much better than us. The value we add is that we bring an external perspective and help to move the thought envelope further. The brainstorming helps create and formalize various concepts that are pertinent to the solving the problem


What wows?

In this phase we help develop prototype based on the available concepts. This activity allows for quick way to create the feel for the outcome when the concept is materialized. This also allows for observing customer behaviors and feedback.

What works?

This phase helps you avoid false starts. Taking your concept and prototype to customers early can help you avoid investing countless hours into something that is not liked by the market. This phase brings together the consumers and our customer together to finalize implementation and production efforts.