Viquar Hashmi, Senior Manager , Product Development

Abdul Latif Jameel

Asif worked with me on one of ALJI's exciting Digital transformation in Automotive Services platforms. He is experienced and outstanding Business Analyst in understanding the Business requirement in depth while by translating requirements into language and plans easily adopted by the engineering team. His adaptiveness helped bring ALJI it's first in class Digital product in Automotive Services, in turn helping ALJI to market quickly.

Additionally, Asif worked remotely and adjusted to working with an engineering team and management team that were thousands of miles away. His flexibility and initiative were welcomed and appreciate by me and our management team.

I would highly recommend Asif for any Senior Business Analyst management job, but would also suggest that his skills adaptable for many business role.

Nabeel Ahmad, Country Director


Asif Hameed is great resource, he has worked as a trusted adviser and solution architect for our clients. He has managed some of our very critical projects in a very smooth and swift manner. I would be happy to recommend him for his future endeavors.

Omar Ahmad, Cards & Payment Systems


Asif is a fantastic person to work with, and has never let a project team down. He frequently goes beyond the call of duty, and goes the extra mile to get things done. When you get to work with him, you'll discover an amazing person with great domain knowledge that make him a very sought after resource in the Payments and Cards industry.

I still remember the look on a customer’s face where we finished a Masterpass QR certification in a matter of days where it was a norm for such certifications to stretch months.

He is a passionate individual and has earned the highest levels of respect among peers and colleagues. I wish Asif the very best of luck in all future endeavors