What we do

Digital Strategy

Improve business performance

Our core expertise as Product Designers help us build new products and services and also allows us to re-imagine existing products or services. We assist in building the Digital stack for your organization and identify the horizontals which need digitalization - Customers, Distribution or Products.

We strongly believe that every business is a digital business. What we offer is the ability to unlock the potential offered through digital. We provide support for business plan development, digital marketing, value chain analysis and financial modeling - a roadmap which helps us cement your strategy going forward

Product Design

Human Centric Design Approach.

Our Product Design tool box consists of the following:

  • Storyboarding
  • User Persona & Research
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Wireframes & Prototypes
  • Visual Design

We identify design challenges through user research, ethnographic interviews applying divergent and convergent thinking methods. This helps us to better define the problem set. Once the problem is identified we ideate along with our customer leading to better product and services.

App Development

Application Programming

We also build the actuall software and the apps based based on the blue prints provided by our customers or artifacts delivered by us in the experience design phase. We use all the latest technologies to ensure products are scale able.
We deliver front-ends using HTML/CSS, SaSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, PHP, JS/SVG Animations, Wordpress, efficient, rapid and affordable mobile development using React Native and MEAN stack for backend.